Looking For An Autumn Holiday Destination In The UK?

In 2020 more people than ever will stay in the UK for their holiday break. If you are searching for the best place for you, take a look at Filey…

Filey could be just what you are looking for to enjoy time away with the family

Filey is a great Autumn Holiday Destination In the UK
The Breathtaking Filey Coastline

For the last few years, we have been visiting Filey during the months of September, October and November and it is one of the best times to come and enjoy the coast.

Obviously if you have school-aged children in your family then that could specifically mean the October half term holidays but these autumn months are some of the best to visit Filey.

Not too hot, not too cold... just right for the little ones

Firstly, the weather is still pretty good and if you happen to have toddlers like we do, these months provide the most convenient weather of all!

In the peak summer months, we have to find shady spots, slather them in suncream and limit our time out in the heat.

In Autumn, we can wrap them up appropriately (they never seem to feel the cold!), usually don’t need sticky suncream and can stay out as long as we want to.

Plenty to do...but not too busy or crowded

Just as importantly, all the attractions are still open and ready to be enjoyed…but everything is that little bit quieter. Perhaps something that is more important this year than ever.

A quieter Filey beach provides a wonderful setting for a long walk…maybe even a run! Taking in that fresh coastal air is a joy in itself. You don’t even have to be up that early in the autumn months to enjoy a beautiful sunrise!

Glenview Filey Coast Beach Bench 1d
Sea View in Filey

Or take a visit into Filey Town where you can amble along and explore the quant shops at your own pace.

And of course you always have the option for a trip beyond Filey to explore some of North Yorkshires’ other delightful places.

Finally, when it comes to parking during the autumn months, it is less stressful and easier to find around Filey and further along the coast!

Book Glenview House In Filey This Autumn

Family groups need enough room to be able to stay comfortably together whilst on holiday and Glenview House is ideal in providing lots of room and all the necessary amenities families need for an enjoyable stay.

The walk to the beach from Glenview House is short and sweet – you get to walk through the delightful Glen Gardens (you might have to drag the little ones away from the swings!)

Glen Gardens for the Toddlers to enjoy
Glen Gardens

Filey is a wonderful autumn holiday destination in the UK and Glenview House is the ideal base for you and your family to enjoy quality time together.

Spaces Are Going Quickly!

If you would like to come to Filey and stay at Glenview House this autumn, then don't delay!

Check Availability For Glenview House

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